Come Sail With Us

The Come Sail With Us program is a hands on sailing experience, mentored by volunteer SYC senior members experienced in sailing, as well as young sailing instructors. The goal is to allow you to learn more about sailing and boat ownership. 

CSU Members enter the program as crew and progress to Skipper when they show proficiency with the required skills. Dependent on experience completion may require one or two seasons. Upon completion of the program the CSU member should be comfortable with and able to efficiently sail and handle a keel boat.

CSU program runs at defined times, as arranged through our scheduler so that mentors and CSU members can plan their participation. You would sign up for one of the three available seasonal time slots or if acceptable to mentor and scheduler to a flex time, which may also depend on boat availability.

CSU Members sail once a week with up to 2 other members and a SYC mentor. 

Optional 2 hr time slots begin at:

- 6:30 PM, Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays 

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 Skills Developed:

Introductory Promotion


A hands on experience

CSU Members are required to complete 16 hrs of maintenance work a year in and about the club, docks, and boats. i.e: Clean and prep the CSU boat for season, aid in haul in, mast raising, dry rig and decommissioning at end of season. This is an important learning aspect of boat ownership.

The following **doohickey** may at first seem incomprehensible, but once you've completed the CSU course the Mainsheet tackle will make complete sense and become a thing of beauty.